Hello there, weary traveller! I see you don't have time to peruse the links on the front page. Instead, here are some notable projects I've been pursuing recently.

Founding the New York Code + Design Academy

In 2013, I Co-Founded a school with the talented Jeremy Snepar called the New York Code + Design Academy, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Strayer Education. We've educated thousands of students in New York City, Amsterdam, and other locations. It's exciting to see the great projects our students are producing and the direction the school is going in.

Integrating the Amazon Echo with other Home Automation Software

Through my project, Alexa Home, I was able to create programs for the Amazon Echo before the official developer SDK came out. Through this wonky scraper/integration, I was able to build some interesting Home Automation integrations include the following:

Uber Integration

Hue/Nest Integration

Attempting to See as Much of the World As Possible

I'm trying hard to broaden my horizons every year and this year I was able to make it to Morocco, Costa Rica, Croatia, and Bremen (Germany) so far. Here's a nice shot from each of them if you're curious, courtesy of my Instagram.

Obligatory coconut drink sunset photo!

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Today I jumped off a cliff and @dobette593 got this pic of it!

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Ich bin Bremer!

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Giving Fun Talks

I get a lot of joy from giving technology talks and educating an audience on fun new products and development methodologies! Here was one of my favorite talks to give, explaining how my Amazon Alexa, "saved my life" at a great event put on by my friends at Uncubed.

Interested in working together in some way? Get in touch.

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