I'm available for speaking engagements! I can speak on a variety of topics. If you're interested, feel free to get in touch.

    Past Speaking

  1. Philly Tech Week Dev Day - Intro to Ruby
  2. Building a JavaScript Jukebox...Without a Framework!
  3. NET/WORK Philly 2016 - Easy Digital Skills for the 21st Century Job Seeker: The Office Suite is Dead
  4. Writing Ruby Apps for the Amazon Echo
  5. Hacks That Save My Life (AOL + UnCubed) - Alexa Saved My Life
  6. GoRuCo 2015 - Home Automation with the Amazon Echo and Ruby
  7. Philly Tech Week: Dev Day Intro Workshops (Databases/SQL)
  8. NYC-RB: Basic BDD + TDD in Ruby and RSpec
  9. Learn to Code with NYCDA

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